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About the genre

About Hiphop

Hip-hop music is an indispensable part of the music industry. Yet this genre is not that old. In the 1970s it hip-hop music became known as instrumentals for the new genre rap. In this genre of music, use is made of speech in a rhythmic manner. Not only rapping belongs to Hip-hop. Other parts of hip-hop are deejaying, breakdancing and grafitti. Hip-hop is therefore not only seen as a music genre, but a cultural movement. A cultural movement that has its roots in the Bronx, New York.

Hiphop beats

When you think of hip-hop, you quickly think of 808’s. Powerful drums and heavy bass sounds are characteristic of many hip-hop beats. Much use is also made of bare percussion. The drums are often very groovy. This goes well with the rhythmic speech of rap music. Nowadays, if you type “hip-hop beats” on YouTube, you will get millions of results. This hip-hop often differs a lot from each other and can be divided into subgenres. Some examples of this are Trap Beats, Rap Beats, Club Beats and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.

Hip-hop dancing

More and more Boomboxes appear on the American streets at the end of the 19th century. The deep sounds of hip-hop and rap music can be heard in the open air. More and more people are dancing (mostly African Americans). Hip hoppers show each other their best moves, hence the name ” street dance ”. Dance battles and dance gatherings are the order of the day. Dancing enhances the cool image of hip hop and helps growing the genre in popularity.

Trap hiphop beats

Hip hop has now grown into one of the largest music genres worldwide. Of course that also includes subgenres, such as Trap music. In this variation of hip-hop, 808s, fast hi-hats and synthesizers play the leading role. Basically it is just hip hop with a modern twist, with innovative electronic sounds. Just like afrotrap!

Club hiphop beats

Artists like Tyga, DaBaby, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber bring hip-hop to the club and radio. Club hiphop instrumentals with modern sounds and full 808’s are more and more mainstream.

The hiphop beats in this beat store are a combination of trap, hiphop and club instrumentals. Perfect for unsigned artists trying to make their breakthrough in the music industry. Want to learn more about beat licensing? Feel free to contact me by sending a whatsapp message (click here) or an email to [email protected].

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