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Vocal mixing and mastering

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Mixing information

Mixing is the process of taking individual tracks of audio and adjusting the volume, EQ, panning, and other settings to create a cohesive final mix. Mastering is the process of taking a finished mix and preparing it for distribution. This typically involves balancing the overall volume and EQ of the track, as well as applying compression, limiting, and other processing to optimize the sound for the target medium (e.g., CD, streaming service). Vocal mixing involves adjusting the level, EQ, panning, and effects of the vocal track in relation to the other tracks in the mix.

Mastering information

The goal of mastering is to make the final product sound as polished and professional as possible. Vocal mastering is similar to regular mastering, but with a focus on optimizing the sound of the vocal track. This may involve adjusting the overall volume and EQ of the track, as well as applying compression and limiting to even out the dynamics and ensure a consistent level. The goal of vocal mastering is to make the vocal sound polished and professional, and to make it sit well in the overall mix.

Some examples


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Let’s start with mixing. A beat is made of multiple instruments and a song usually has multiple vocal layers. The volume of each layer has to be adjusted in order to make the full song ”in balance”. You don’t want the guitar to be too loud or the drums too soft compared to the piano in the total mix. 


Besides balancing the volume of each individual instrument and vocal track, you can apply panning. Panning means adjusting the stereo spectrum of a vocal track or instrument. It helps to make a song element stand out and be heard clearly without ”clashing” with another vocal track or instrument.


Equalizing means adjusting parts of the audio frequencies to your liking. So for each instrument or vocal track, you can boost or lower the frequencies. If you want a fuller sound, you would normally boost the lower frequencies. If you want more body in the sound, boosting the mid frequencies is the way to go. To make a sound more sharp, you can increase the higher frequencies. Once again, the keyword is balance.


When these steps are done, you can focus on additional effects such as reverbs, delays, filters or distortion. The amount in which the effect is applied can also be ”automated”. This means that the effect will be adjusted during the song. For example in a beat break you might want the vocal reverb to last longer than during the beat.


When all the mixing is done and the song is perfectly in balance. You can start on mastering. Mastering is the term used for the process of preparing your audio mix for distribution. Mastering involves tiny adjustments in the master equalization, compression, limiting and more. The process will boost the volume of your audio without disturbing the balance. When a song is mastered properly, it will not only sound good on a computer device, also in club or mobile phone. Balancing issues and enhancing audio characteristics is the main goal. 

As a professional sound engineer, i can help you mix and master your tracks. I will make sure the quality of your tracks is as good as possible so you can upload the songs to platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and YouTube. Below you can find the prices. Feel free to contact me for more examples. Click here

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